Nanny Hiring Guide

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Nanny Hiring Guide

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In This Guide:

  • Outlining Needs & Writing a Job Post

  • Phone Interviews

  • In-Person Interviews

  • Nanny Trials

  • Reference Checks

  • Background Checks

  • Making An Offer

  • Employment Agreements

  • Dismissing Nanny Candidates

  • Taxes & Payroll

  • First Day Prep

  • Establishing Effective & Clear Communication

  • Nanny Industry Standards

  • Retaining a Nanny Long Term


The ‘Nanny Hiring Guide’ is a complete guide to hiring a nanny. This guide outlines key steps to successfully navigating the hiring process and retaining the perfect nanny for your family. Screening, interviewing and hiring nannies takes a lot of time and effort. Your time is incredibly valuable. These are the best practices in proceeding through the hiring process to ensure time spent is both efficient and productive.

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